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The Revolution Urban Lab has been develop to keep our R&D department testing year around.   It isn't real snow but it gives us the ability to test the strength, durability and rail response of every board we build.



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Photo by David Crane Photography 

Olday Crew killin' it on the Urban Lab  



The Halloween Rail Games
Friday, Oct 26 2012 at 7:00 PM
Revolution Manufacturing
1185 N. 1200 W.Orem, Utah, USA

Practice Nights

Friday September 28th

Friday October 12th

Friday October 19th.



The Winter  Shred Fest 

 To find your photos that Dave Brewer took of you and your crew click here.






 Revolution Snowboard Factory Presents The Spring Flinger Festival

With spring around the corner, Revolution Snowboard Company will host the Spring Flinger Rail Jam on April 24, 2009, from 7pm – 10pm. The rail jam marks the official season opener of the Urban Lab and will feature live music, a snowboard art gallery, giveaways, and free food. 

“Warm, spring weather used to mean the end of skiing and snowboarding,” said Brady Fox, General Manager of Revolution MFG. “Now, thanks to our Urban Lab, there is no end.”

Revolution’s Urban Lab is an artificial snow hill built right behind the snowboard factory and is most commonly used as a testing ground for new products that are still in the developmental stage. It includes a wide variety of handrail obstacles and is fully functional without any snow.

This rail jam is unique when compared to others Revolution has thrown. “In addition to having some of Utah’s best skiers and snowboarders, we will also be featuring a snowboard art gallery in our showroom,” Fox said. 

The snowboard art gallery is the result of Revolutions latest out-reach to the community. It will feature original artwork from local artists on custom snowboards. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to cast a vote for their favorite art.

Revolution is located at 1185 North 1200 West in Orem UT. Admission is free and all are invited to attend.





Revolution Rail Riot goes off.

Hundreds of pre-season rippers turned out to session the new Revolution Urban Lab Friday night.    The Revolution Urban Lab is going to be availabel to ride, free of charge, on Wednesday nights.